Class Profile

Contains the class profile for the most recent incoming class of the Penn State Smeal MBA program. Includes data related to class size, average months of work experience, average GMAT and GRE, and undergraduate major distributions.

Penn State Smeal MBA students benefit from access to a variety of perspectives and experiences that serve to strengthen the culture, community, and learning environment.

"Our goal each year is to welcome an incoming class that represents a variety of perspectives and experiences. This diversity strengthens the culture and community at Smeal and enhances the learning environment. We're looking for intelligent, hardworking candidates with a story to tell; individuals who will make a great contribution to their classmates and the program."
- Carrie Marcinkevage, Managing Director, Penn State Smeal MBA

Profile of 2016 Incoming Class
Number of Students 57
Average Months Prior Work Experience 53.8 months
Percentage of Women 30%
Percentage of Underrepresented Minorities (African, Hispanic, and Native Americans as a percentage of domestic students) 19%
Percentage of International Students 35%
Citizenships held by members of this class China, India, Vietnam, United States
Average GMAT 659
Mid 80% GMAT Range 566-730
Average GRE Quantitative 155
Average GRE Verbal 158
Mid 80% GRE Range Quantitative 148-164
Mid 80% GRE Range Verbal 152-165
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.3
Mid 80% Undergraduate GPA 2.8-3.9
Undergraduate Major Distributions
Business 30%
Science and Engineering 56%
Humanities and Social Sciences 14%