Information about the finance concentration within the Penn State Smeal MBA program.

The Penn State Smeal finance concentration features a set of courses designed to build expertise in financial analysis and planning, management of financial assets, including banks and other institutions, and financial management of corporations and other businesses.

Finance Course Highlights

  • Financial Engineering and Corporate Strategy: Study and application of derivative strategies, financial innovation, and modern financial techniques to re-engineer risk exposure and enhance strategic opportunities.
  • Modern Portfolio Management—Theory and Practice: Theoretical foundations and tools needed for structuring, managing, and monitoring the performance of an investment portfolio.
  • Global Finance: Analyze international business finance problems, the impact of evolving international payment systems on business, and financial management in modern, multi-national enterprise.

Finance Faculty Highlights

Smeal Finance faculty members have built an international reputation for financial research, especially in the areas of corporate financial policy and the operation and regulation of securities markets. Finance faculty who teach in the MBA Program include:

  • Lou GattisFaculty director of the Smeal MBA program with a 15-year career in corporate finance and investment management.
  • Fariborz Ghadar: The founding director of The Center for Global Business Studies and a consultant to scores of major corporations and governments throughout the world.
  • William Kracaw: Chair of the Finance Department and David Sykes Profressor, he has authored two books and has consulted with a number of banks, investment banks, and governmental agencies. 

The Center for the Study of Financial Markets is a research center headquartered at Penn State featuring the support and promotion of academic research in the operation, governance, and performance of global financial markets.

Alumni Outcomes

Smeal MBA graduates who concentrate in finance go on to pursue full-time employment opportunities with an array of organizations such as:

  • Alcoa
  • Citigroup
  • ExxonMobil
  • Facebook
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • NBC Universal
  • Pfizer
  • Wells Fargo