Case Competitions

Information about opportunities to participate in case competitions while studying in the Penn State Smeal MBA program.

Smeal MBA students have the opportunity to participate in multiple case competitions throughout their experience. In a case competition, student teams collaborate to formulate solutions to real-world business cases, culminating in a presentation of proposed solutions to a panel of judges. In addition to providing practical experience in solving business challenges, case competitions can also provide networking opportunities, exposure to key industry contacts, and, in some cases, prize money.

Key Case Competitions

Chevron Supply Chain Case Competition

The Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA), with sponsorship from Chevron, hosts the annual Chevron Supply Chain Case Competition for teams of first- and second-year Smeal MBA students.

Deloitte Consulting Supply Chain MBA Challenge

Each year, Deloitte Consulting invites teams of first-year Smeal MBA students to compete in a national case competition that focuses on real-world challenges in supply chain management.

Smeal MBA Executive Panel Case Competition

The Executive Panel is a capstone case competition that is a rite of passage for all first-year Smeal MBA students, providing an opportunity to apply all of the coursework from the entire first year to a modern business case.

Smeal MBA Sustainability Case Competition

With its focus on integrating sustainability into teaching, the Smeal College of Business hosts the annual MBA Sustainability Case Competition that is open to student teams from any MBA program.

Additional Case Competitions with Results