Negotiation Intensive

Information pertaining to the Negotiation Intensive that is part of the Penn State Smeal MBA program.

During the first week of your second year in the Penn State Smeal MBA Program, you will hone your skills in negotiation as part of one of the program’s week-long intensive experiences.

A basic premise of the Negotiation Intensive is that while a manager needs analytical skills to discover optimal solutions to problems, a broad array of negotiation skills and an understanding of psychological factors are needed in order for these solutions to be accepted and implemented.

The Negotiation Intensive provides a venue to experientially develop negotiation competency through useful analytical frameworks. Considerable emphasis is placed on simulations and cases.

Negotiation Intensive Topics

  • Distributive Negotiation
  • Strategy, Planning, and Integrative Negotiation
  • Power and Influence
  • Job Negotiations

“Everything else you learn in this program is valuable, but nothing else you will ever learn will have more applicability in every day of your life than negotiation.”
- Stephen Humphrey, Professor of Management