Information about the orientation prior to the start of the Penn State Smeal MBA program.

The Penn State Smeal MBA experience begins with an intensive two-week orientation designed to help you prepare for your future in the program by introducing you to your classmates and to the MBA experience. In addition to serving as your formal welcome to Penn State and the Smeal College of Business, the orientation features sessions on our culture of honor and integrity, career development, and team building, as well as a corporate-sponsored case competition.

Career Planning

During orientation, a significant amount of time is spent outlining the array of career development resources and planning your career-search strategy for the months ahead. In addition to an introduction to the Smeal MBA Career Services team, you will get a jump start on career planning through sessions focused on your career strategy and growth, including:

  • Mapping the Personal Career Strategy
  • Personal Branding and Storytelling
  • Tailoring Your Resume
  • Leadership Presence 
  • Networking Etiquette and Dress
  • Career Fair and Interview Strategies
  • Behavioral Interview Labs

MBA Action

MBA Action is a day filled with team-building activities that take place off-campus at a recreational site in the local region. While the specific activities vary year-to-year, the overall goal of this orientation activity is to build your teamwork skills and forge bonds with your peers as you work together to accomplish tasks.

Case Competition

The case competition is the final event of the two-week orientation and is typically sponsored by a company that recruits within the program. In teams, students analyze a case and present recommendations to a panel of faculty members and Penn State MBA Program staff. Competition finalists then present a second time to a panel of judges from the sponsoring company. The competition offers another opportunity to connect with your peers and get a jump-start on working within a team setting.