BS/MBA Student Profiles

A list of current students in the Penn State Smeal BS/MBA program.

Portrait of Victor Cotton.Victor Cotton
Class of 2016
Why Victor chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"I chose the BS/MBA program because it allows me to merge my passion for chemistry with my desire to enter the business world. Combining these different viewpoints will place me in a competitive position where I can leverage my analytical skills toward a career in healthcare management. The co-op experiences in the BS/MBA program have allowed me to practice these analytical skills in a hospital environment, uniquely preparing me for a healthcare career."

Portrait of Mark Joanow.Mark Joanow
Class of 2016
y Mark chose the Science BS/MBA Program: "I chose the Science BS/MBA because it was an amazing opportunity to combine my love for science and business. This program through its vast resources and unbelievable advisers has allowed me to meet very influential people from numerous science based industries, as well as allowing me to leverage my technical background to land a co-op in the pharmaceutical industry. The value that this program has given me is priceless and has propelled me for a career in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industries."

Portrait of Matthew Lee.Matthew Lee
Class of 2016
Why Matthew chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"I chose the Science BS/MBA program because it put me on a fast track to pursue both a science and business degree. Ultimately, I am interested in working in the healthcare field. I am confident that this unique program will give me a great foundation for a successful career in healthcare and will provide me with the tools to make a difference in the challenging healthcare industry we face today. I am honored to be a part of such a great program at an amazing university like Penn State." 

Portrait of Alex Murdoch.Alex Murdoch
Class of 2016
Why Alex chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"I chose the BS/MBA program for the future prospective it had as well as the doors that it opened up. Very quickly, I realized I was in a unique program when I was attending symposiums with former and current presidents and CEOs of major companies within the pharmaceutical industry. This degree opportunity really allowed me to see the true application of the sciences beyond just research and gave me the opportunities to meet important people in those industries. Moreover, the program allowed me to thrive amongst a close-knit , ambitious yet collaborative group of peers."

Portrait of Cory Rundle.Cory Rundle
Class of 2016
Why Cory chose the Science BS/MBA Program: "
I chose the BS/MBA program because it gave me the ability to balance my passion for science and my desire to work in business.  I have been able to achieve that balance through rigorous coursework in the undergraduate science-dedicated portion and through several internships and Co Ops." 

Portrait of Ritu Saxena.

Ritu Saxena
Class of 2016
Why Ritu chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
"I chose the BS/MBA program because coming from a family with a heavy background in the pharmaceutical industry; my natural love has always been science. However from a very young age, I knew I did not want my career to be confined to the four walls of a lab. This program solved that issue by allowing me to get a background in science, and then an MBA. Thus, I could pursue a career in management in the pharmaceutical industry, combining both passions."

Portrait of Danielle Schleig.Danielle Schleig
Class of 2016
Why Danielle chose the Science BS/MBA Program:
“As a person with many varied interests, the BS/MBA program gives me the unique opportunity to explore my passions for both science and business and has helped to provide me with valuable opportunities outside the classroom. I believe the technical and business skills I’ve learned throughout this program allow me to be competitive in the job market and combine my interests perfectly to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry.”