Tuition & Expenses

Information about the tuition and expenses associated with the Penn State Smeal MBA.

As a land-grant institution, Penn State offers competitive tuition and is recognized as a top business school in return on investment. According to Financial Times' 2021 Global MBA Rankings, the Penn State Smeal MBA ranks No. 4 globally in the Value for Money category, and the program earned the No. 4 spot overall in Alumni Salary Increase from The Economist. With the majority of our students receiving fellowships and scholarships, the Penn State Smeal MBA is an even better investment. 

Below are estimated tuition expenses for the current academic year for the Penn State Smeal MBA Program. Estimated housing expenses are based upon on-campus graduate housing fees, which may be lower than off-campus options.

Estimated Expenses for the 2022-23 Academic Year
Expenses Pennsylvania Residents Out-of-State Residents
Tuition $29,888 $47,704
Fees $530 $530
Orientation Fees $170 $170
Communications Course $30 $30
Global Immersion (first year only) $2,250* $2,250*
Health Insurance (required for international students)

$659.20 for MBA Fellows

$3,296 for Non-MBA Fellows

$659.20 for MBA Fellows

$3,296 for Non-MBA Fellows

Student Association Memberships

While optional, student association memberships are highly recommended, especially for those who wish to pursue a leadership position within the class.

MBA Association - $325 (Lifetime Membership)

Other Student Associations - $30 to $50 per association

* Rate estimate for Fall 2022. While we strive to be accurate and minimize the cost of Global Immersion, small increases may be necessary due to increased lodging costs and changes to currency exchange rates. Students will be notified of these changes as soon as possible. Also note that Global Immersion expenses are not covered by Fellowships.

Source: Penn State Tuition and Fees Schedules