Career Preparation

Information on career development services provided by the Penn State Smeal MBA program.

As a Penn State Smeal MBA student, you will be backed by the insights and expertise of the Career Services team and our unique and proven Personal Career Strategy framework. With your dramatically deepening reservoir of business skills and knowledge, you will be poised to successfully pursue internship and full-time opportunities with top companies.

Orientation Focus

During the two-week orientation to the Smeal MBA Program in August, you will spend significant time learning about the array of career development resources and planning your career-search strategy for the year ahead. When companies begin recruiting for internships in September, you will be ready.

Concentration Intensive

The week-long Concentration Intensive is a faculty-led seminar that provides content highlights and career information related to each primary concentration. The week-long experience kick-starts both concentration selection and the career search, preparing you for fast-approaching career fairs.

Personal Career Strategy

Even before you arrive on campus as a first-year MBA student, your Career Services team will reach out and begin guiding you through the development of your own Personal Career Strategy (PCS). This framework provides a powerful tool to map where you want to go in your career and how you are going to get there. The PCS includes step-by-step guidance for:

  • Self-Exploration: Understanding what is truly important to you: your strengths, passions, and convictions.
  • Market Research: Exploring a wide range of industries, companies, concentrations, and job roles.
  • Focus: Narrowing your consideration set.
  • Planning: Developing a proactive and reactive job-search strategy.
  • Implementation: Employing networking and outreach tactics aligned with your strategy; effectively managing interviews, follow-up, and offer negotiations.

"We work closely with each student at every stage of their professional journey to define career objectives, identify and research potential places of employment, and support individualized efforts toward career success. Students collaborate with Career Services staff to customize a developmental plan that can help them achieve their goals and begin the next exciting phase of their professional lives."
- Brenda Fabian, Director of Career Services, Penn State Smeal MBA