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Penn State Smeal MBA Class Profile

Penn State Smeal MBA students benefit from access to a variety of perspectives and experiences that serve to strengthen the culture, community, and learning environment.

"Our goal each year is to welcome an incoming class that represents a variety of perspectives and experiences. This diversity strengthens the culture and community at Smeal and enhances the learning environment. We're looking for intelligent, hardworking candidates with a story to tell; individuals who will make a great contribution to their classmates and the program."
- Carrie Marcinkevage, Managing Director, Penn State Smeal MBA

Profile of 2016 Incoming Class
Number of Students 57
Average Months Prior Work Experience 53.8 months
Percentage of Women 30%
Percentage of Underrepresented Minorities (African, Hispanic, and Native Americans as a percentage of domestic students) 19%
Percentage of International Students 35%
Citizenships held by members of this class China, India, Vietnam, United States
Average GMAT 659
Mid 80% GMAT Range 566-730
Average GRE Quantitative 155
Average GRE Verbal 158
Mid 80% GRE Range Quantitative 148-164
Mid 80% GRE Range Verbal 152-165
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.3
Mid 80% Undergraduate GPA 2.8-3.9
Undergraduate Major Distributions
Business 30%
Science and Engineering 56%
Humanities and Social Sciences 14%