Diversity MBA Association (DMBAA)

This page provides a summary of the Diversity MBA Association and provides a short biography of each officer.

The purpose of the Diversity MBA Association (DMBAA) is to add value to the Penn State community through continual diversity awareness and recruiting events. The DMBAA strives to create a sense of community by providing a strong support base for professional development and enhancing the academic experience of MBA students.


Portrait of Uzoma Ukaegbu.

Uzo Ukaegbu, President

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Uzoma Ukaegbu is the Vice President of Integrity and Communications for the Class of 2021's MBA Association. In this role, she acts as a liaison between students and the administration and strives to improve the academic experience for current and future students. Additionally, she serves as a touch point for internal communications within the MBA community.

Uzoma’s family is from Nigeria and she was raised in Wyoming and Illinois. She earned her BS in Operations Management from DePaul University in Chicago. She is passionate about procurement and logistics and has worked in the supply chain industry for five years. Prior to joining the MBA Community, Uzoma worked for US Foods as a Category Buyer and Anixter International as a Project Buyer. As she continues her path in the field of Supply Chain Management, she hopes to build off  her operations and project management skills.

Uzoma chose the Smeal College of Business because of its strength in Supply Chain Management, its reputation as a school with a highly collaborative MBA community and an extensive alumni network. When she isn’t busy with school work, Uzoma enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her nieces and nephews.

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Tiffany Patel, VP of Finance

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Tiffany R. Patel is the Vice President of Finance for the Diversity organization For Penn State Smeal 2021’s graduating class. In her role she operates as the lead financial and accounting point person for the organization, leading fundraising activities and operating as a liaison between MBA staff, students, and interested third parties. She holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of California San Diego in the fields of both Economics and Social Cultural Anthropology.

Tiffany Is a Wartime Navy Veteran, she finished a distinguished military career after 8 years, after which she worked for The Veterans Administration as a Veterans Service Representative. In 2015 She founded TRP consulting out of New York City and began a successful management consulting practice, as a business and economic emerging market specialist. She has conducted economic and anthropological fieldwork in dozens of international locations including Egypt, Curacao, Scotland, Greece, Germany and Mexico. She has been featured and given talks at various international Economic conferences pertaining foremost to her master’s thesis through Harvard University. In her free time, she enjoys role paying games, Opera, and international travel. Tiffany chose Smeal College of Business because of the manifold excellent academic track record and its strong prevalent sense of community.

Portrait of Jordan Gonzales.

Jordan Gonzales, VP of Student Inclusion and Operations

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Jordan’s family is from Spain, his grandmother immigrated to New York in the 1960s. However, he was born and raised here in Pennsylvania, specifically a small town called Palmerton. At the age of 18, Jordan enlisted with the United States Army Active Duty with the long-term goal of having his education paid for when he ultimately served his time. During his service, Jordan was involved in the logistics department for combat equipment and transportation services; a vital role for ensuring the combat readiness of our troops overseas. After 4 years in the army, Jordan came back home and did some research on the top schools in Pennsylvania. Of course, he chose the best of the best, Penn State! Focusing on his love for people and natural curiosity about the way in which people think and interact with each other, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Wasting no time, Jordan immediately applied for the Smeal MBA program in hopes of combining his supply chain experience with his knowledge of people and their performance.

Jordan is currently specializing in Consulting and Supply Chain Management, and is seeking employment in one of the top consulting firms in the U.S., with an ultimate goal of achieving a senior executive level position in one of these firms. Jordan chose the Smeal MBA program for its familiar Happy Valley culture, and the program’s reputation as a top Supply Chain Management school. When Jordan isn’t studying up on management techniques and communication methods, he can be found at home relaxing with his dog, volunteering at the local rehabilitation center, or at the gym still maintaining that military level of fitness.