Marketing Association

This page provides biographic and contact information for each member of the Smeal MBA Marketing Association.

The Penn State Smeal MBA Marketing Association is a student run body whose mission is to foster the growth and development of future leaders intending to either specialize or enhance their existing knowledge in marketing. Members would have access to the following opportunities and benefits:

  • Interaction with alumni and marketing professionals in the industry
  • Workshops by industry professionals and experts to explore latest trends
  • Collaboration with faculty and staff in the Smeal marketing department
  • ISBM access and guidance on next steps for internships and full-time opportunities
  • Site visits to different companies
  • Guidance by faculty and industry leaders on marketing and leadership development

Officer Bios

Portrait of Alexis Zawelensky.

Alexis Zawelensky, President

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Alexis Zawelensky is the President of the Smeal Marketing Association (SMA). Her primary goal for the organization is to create an environment that promotes marketing exploration on both a personal and professional level, thus promoting equal participation from all Smeal concentrations. Her unique club efforts focus on personal branding, self-selling in interviewing, negotiation, and performance reviews, marketing software educational workshops, and marketing case preparation.

Alexis graduated from Saint Vincent College with degrees in Marketing, English Literature, and SAP Business One. Prior to pursuing her MBA, Alexis worked as the Marketing Director for a law firm in Pittsburgh. Additionally, she still owns and operates a small marketing and branding consulting firm out of Pittsburgh.


Portrait of Eonji Kim.

Eonji Kim, VP of Corporate and Alumni Relations

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 Eonji Kim is the VP of Corporate and Alumni Relations of the Smeal Marketing Association (SMA). She is always interested in understanding customer experiences, their needs and behaviors. With her interest, her primary goal for the organization is to understand needs of SMA members and try her best to create experiences that they want and need.

Eonji Kim graduated from Korea University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish Literature and Language. Before coming to Smeal MBA, she was working as a call center strategy manager at National Health Insurance Service in Korea.