Marketing Association

This page provides biographic and contact information for each member of the Smeal MBA Marketing Association.

The Penn State Smeal MBA Marketing Association is a student run body whose mission is to foster the growth and development of future leaders intending to either specialize or enhance their existing knowledge in marketing. Members would have access to the following opportunities and benefits:

  • Interaction with alumni and marketing professionals in the industry
  • Workshops by industry professionals and experts to explore latest trends
  • Collaboration with faculty and staff in the Smeal marketing department
  • ISBM access and guidance on next steps for internships and full-time opportunities
  • Site visits to different companies
  • Guidance by faculty and industry leaders on marketing and leadership development

Officer Bios

Portrait of Leah Channas.Leah Channas, President

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Leah Channas is the President of the Smeal Marketing Association. Her goal is to facilitate events that promote an environment of continued learning and growth within the marketing field for everyone, regardless of concentration. Her efforts center on building mentorship with members and corporate speakers, developing new soft skills for self-marketing via LinkedIn, website portfolios, resumes, interview intros, and other social platforms, and creating opportunities to enhance marketing hard skills. Leah has been working in digital marketing strategy for the past five years and recently moved from Los Angeles to obtain her MBA from Penn State Smeal. Her career has led her to positions within several Fortune 500 companies, including The Knot Wedding Magazine, National Geographic Channel, and Meredith Corporation (now Dotdash Meredith). Post-MBA, Leah will leverage her expertise in digital marketing in order to transition into a strategic brand management role. In her spare time, Leah is either getting lost in a good book or dancing around her kitchen while her stubborn English Bulldog, Mabel, watches. She is also the VP of Philanthropy for the MBA Association.


Portrait of Eric Wiseman.Eric Wiseman, VP of Corporate Relations

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Eric Wiseman is the VP of Corporate and Alumni Relations of the Smeal Marketing Association (SMA). Eric majored in Decision Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He spent the last 6 years working in Film and Television Production in Los Angeles. He is concentrating in Marketing and Supply Chain and is looking forward to supporting Leah and Sriram moving forward through the 2022 academic year. Eric is delighted to bring knowledge and awareness to the multifaceted field that is Marketing.


Portrait of Sriram Paravastu. Sriram Paravastu, VP of Professional Development

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Sriram Paravastu (he/him) is based in Atlanta, GA and has worked as a Project Engineer at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories for 3 years 10 months. His work included consulting with electrical utilities, and industries pan-US and ensuring their electrical power systems employ state-of-the-art technology. Having led several critical infrastructure projects, including one at a nuclear power plant, he has been instrumental in making electric power is safer, more reliable, and more economical across the United States. In addition to leading these projects, Sriram also worked on talent-pool development, blue-printing state-of-the-art technology in the electrical industry by working on several company-wide initiatives. Sriram received his undergraduate degree from VIT University, Vellore, India and graduate degree from Michigan Technology University, majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Sriram would like to use his MBA to engender game-changing impact in product strategy space leveraging his experience in innovation and employ best practices in Supply Chain to minimize cost and maximize product growth. In his free time, Sriram enjoys listening to any kind of music, explores breweries/restaurants, goes hiking, enjoys adventures, and playing and talking all kinds of sports.