Penn State Net Impact

Penn State Net Impact works to raise awareness about corporate social responsibility with all Smeal stakeholders and provide members with necessary tools to embrace and create change.

Through speakers, workshops, field trips, panels, and discussion meetings, PSNI focuses on a collaborative learning environment where all members help educate each other. The role of the Board of Officers is to facilitate this learning and cultivate relationships with professionals and organizations in the business world. We discuss topics related to social entrepreneurship, socially responsible investing, sustainable supply chains, sustainable growth and development, corporate citizenship, social marketing, green building, and community economic development. PSNI is also focused on innovation as a means to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the business world. We are dedicated to empowering students with the spirit of innovation and an interest in new venture creation, as sustainability and entrepreneurship are often complementary. 

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Officer Bio

Portrait of Ann Marie Petko.

Ann Marie Petko, President

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Ann Marie Petko holds a B.S. in Human Development & Family Studies (Early Childhood Development) and M.Ed. (Special Education) from Penn State University. She worked in Special Education, as both a teacher and consultant for four years, and for the past eight years has held various roles in Retail Management and Human Resources (Retail) for athletic and contemporary apparel companies.

Penn State's career support, alumni network, and sense of community made a Smeal MBA the perfect fit for Ann Marie's post-graduation goals. Concentrating on Marketing and Consulting at Smeal with an interest in sustainability, Ann Marie plans to re-enter the retail industry with a focus on Marketing and/or Human Capital. She is passionate about gender equity, sustainability in labor practices, and talent development overall. Outside of Smeal, Ann enjoys to travel and spend time outdoors.

Portrait of Danni Liu.

Danni Liu, VP of Finance

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Danni is a MBA candidate with concentrations on Supply Chain Management and Finance.
Having graduated from a leading university in China with a Master degree in Finance and a Bachelor degree in International Economics and Trade, Danni has worked in the agricultural sector as strategic analyst for five years. 

Danni is interested in sustainability and hopes to make full use of MBA students’ expertise to make some positive change to the community.

Portrait of Eonji Kim.Eonji Kim, VP of Operations and Communications

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Eonji Kim is the VP of Operations and Communications of Net Impact Graduate Chapter. As a marketing concentrating MBA candidate, she is always interested in understanding people’s minds and behaviors and using it to derive some changes in a way people think and act. Especially, she wants to make people aware of the social issues and act for them. Her main interest is more about people’s lives, such as education, healthcare, food, welfare services etc.

Eonji Kim graduated from Korea University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish Literature and Language. Before coming to Smeal MBA, she was working as a call center strategy manager at National Health Insurance Service in Korea.