Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)

This page is for the Penn State Smeal Supply Chain Management Association information and bios.

The Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) is a student-run organization dedicated to furthering student knowledge of supply chain management and enhancing the career development of our members. SCMA activities include guest lecturers from industry representatives, factory tours, and networking opportunities with the Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR).

Membership Benefits

Membership in the SCMA offers exciting opportunities that will help anyone to enrich his or her supply chain knowledge both academically and professionally.

  • Participation in SCMA events
  • Networking opportunities with Supply Chain recruiters
  • Speaker series hosting supply chain industry experts and corporate leaders
  • Visits to manufacturing sites/logistics distribution centers of large corporations
  • Attendance to the annual fall, spring supply chain career fairs
  • Leadership opportunities

The membership fee for two years is $60.

Officer Bios

Portrait of Vasudev Madasu.

Vasudev Madasu

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Vasudev is a mechanical engineer with four years of experience in various roles within strategy and supply chain. He extended his technical skillset through a Master’s in Supply Chain Management from the University of Texas at Dallas, and is now pursuing an MBA at The Penn State Smeal College of Business, concentrating in Finance and Analytics. As the president of SCMA, he would like to bridge the gap between curriculum learning and industry expectations through experiential learning activities.

Vasudev has a vast set of work experience and accomplishments. First, as a shop floor operations manager, he led a diverse group of people with various sets of experience and through process optimization, reduced mill set-up time by 20 min per shift, resulting in $1.2 M annual savings. Later, in a middle managerial role, he worked closely with top management and suppliers to carry out procurement, negotiations, and quality audits as a lead auditor. Overseeing annual purchases of $4M, he was also responsible for inventory management of 474 SKUs and $17M goods.He is also a lead auditor in ISO 9000 Standard and certified in logistics and transportation (CTL) from APICS. Recently, as a student consultant for Quest Diagnostics, he redesigned the process flow to approve, prioritize and review continuous improvement processes by analyzing 500 previous projects and building a quantitative metric-based model, realizing $2M in profits. This summer, he will be working as an intern with TPI Composites, a green energy firm extending its geographical foot print.

Lastly, on a personal note, Vasudev is a rescue scuba diver and active volunteer at the Nations Disaster Rescue Teams. His hobbies include horse riding, diving, surfing and paragliding. His interests are in yyric writing, green energy, green farming, business innovation and self-defensive skills.

Portrait of Farheen Ahmed.

Farheen Ahmed, VP of Finance

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Farheen Ahmed is a first year MBA candidate at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business. Her areas of focus are Supply Chain Management and Finance. She has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Bradford in 2012 and a Master of Biotechnology from Penn State Eberly College of Sciences in 2013. Farheen began her career in 2013 by accepting the College Qualified Leader and the ORISE Fellow position with the Department of Defense (DOD) at The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), United States Military. She worked for the infectious disease program at WRAIR developing vaccines for the Malaria Vaccine Branch (MVB). As the VP of Finance, she is excited to help the organization's mission of enhancing and supporting student preparation and readiness with job-seeking opportunities and internship/full-time preparation.

Farheen’s research interests have focused on the development of vaccines and therapeutics against human diseases such as malaria, using poxviruses as the delivery method. Farheen led the development and testing of a novel poxvirus-based malaria vaccine against Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax. She was also responsible for the assessment of malaria vaccine effectiveness through molecular diagnostic testing during clinical studies for the DOD and private sector.  She has co-written multiple grant proposals to receive funding for scientific research from the US ARMY, US NAVY, and Military Infectious Diseases Research Program (MIDRP). Concurrently, during her time at WRAIR, she has mentored four undergraduate and graduate students and four US ARMY soldiers.

Farheen has been awarded the Exemplary Sustained Performance Award for serving as a mission critical asset to the Military Malaria Research Program and assisting in the research, development, testing and evaluation of two malaria vaccine prototypes. Her efforts led to the acquisition of over $2.2M department of defense funding and resulted in two patents. Farheen’s research is helping the Military Malaria Research Program move forward to increase warfighter medical readiness and simultaneously reduce non-battlefield injury associated with malaria infections.

Portrait of Adriana Alarcon.

Adriana Alarcon, VP of Operations

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Adriana Alarcon is the VP of Operations of the Supply Chain Management Association. In this role, she will plan for the requirements of every SCMA event, company visit, case competition or networking event. She will work with the SCMA team to ensure the success of all activities, with the common goal of organizing events that contribute to the future career of every SCMA member.

Adriana is an MBA Candidate at Smeal with a concentration in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. She studied for her Bachelor’s degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, where she majored in Science with a license in Electronics Engineering. Here, Adriana became involved with biomedical engineering. She has worked in the field of clinical engineering for about five years, focusing on managing medical device technology with the goal of patient safety. She was involved with diverse projects ranging from supervising the installation and commissioning of medical devices, to the purchase process of high complexity equipment such as linear accelerators and CT scanners.

After working in the private sector at the most prestigious clinic in Lima, she worked at one of the largest public hospitals of the city, where she was in charge of managing life support and therapy equipment.

This summer she will be an intern in the PRO Masters Internship Program at Bayer, where she will work with the different areas of procurement within the company. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, going to the movies, taking yoga classes, and going for small hiking trips.

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