The MBA Association (MBAA)

The MBA Association (MBAA) Student Organization page and bios.

The MBA Association (MBAA) is the largest student-run organization in the MBA Program. The MBAA works closely with the administration to represent the student body and enhance life both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to this student government role, the MBAA is dedicated to building and maintaining a sense of community in the program through sponsorship of a number of events. Email:

Officer Bios

Portrait of Michael Krall.

Michael Krall, President

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Michael Krall is the President of the Class of 2023’s MBA Association. In this role, he is primarily responsible for leading the MBA Board, overseeing the Association President Roundtable, and serving as a liaison to the MBA Alumni Advisory Board and the administration. Michael was born and raised in Oxford, Ohio. He received his undergraduate degree in Finance from Ohio University in 2015. After graduation, Michael worked in banking and gained valuable expertise in bank management, small business consulting, process improvement, and entrepreneurship. Most recently, he worked for the US Small Business Administration, managing a team of 20 loan officers. His team and he helped thousands of small businesses navigate and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. As a lifelong learner, Michael knew he wanted to join a top challenging MBA program where he would be learning every day. He chose the Smeal College of Business MBA program for its well-known supply chain program, its tight-knit community, and the excellent alumni network that Penn State has. Michael loves to help and give back to the community. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer on the coast of Colombia, a Counselor for Junior Achievement, delivered meals for Meals on wheels, and various other volunteering activities. He also enjoys working out, traveling, and cooking.

Portrait of Garret Sutterlin.Garret Sutterlin, VP of Integrity and Communications

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Garret Sutterlin is the Vice President of Integrity and Communications for the Class of 2023's MBA Association. In this role, he acts as a liaison between students and the administration and strives to improve the academic experience for current and future students. Additionally, he serves as a touch point for internal communications within the MBA community and leads the MBA Academic Integrity Board. Garret grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and received his undergraduate degree from the Penn State Science BS/MBA program, concentrating in Science and Genetics. Prior to joining the MBA Community, Garret has worked for Johnson & Johnson in a Supply Chain Management role and ERT in a project management role. In the summer of 2023, Garret will join Novartis for a remote procurement position. Since his undergraduate years at Penn State, Garret has been committed to the Smeal MBA as a part of the PSU BS/MBA Program. He has looked forward to his MBA experience at Smeal because of its welcoming student body, excellent faculty, and unparalleled opportunities. His program, colleagues, and mentors are his second family. In his free time, Garret enjoys hanging out with his dogs, playing video games, and reading scientific articles.

Portrait of Samarth Sareen.Samarth Sareen, VP of International Affairs

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Samarth Sareen is the Vice President for International Affairs for class of 2022. In this role his mission is to promote, integrate and enhance the international student experience through infusion of informed content and awareness. He is responsible for organizing events around festivals such as Lunar New year, Diwali, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Thanksgiving to name a few. He is looking to add new events that would also cater to different cultural segments of the MBA program. Samarth grew up in England, Switzerland and India. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain and Information systems. After completing his undergraduate studies from the Pennsylvania State University, he worked as a Global Materials Manager for 2 years and a Strategy and Business Development manager for a year. This summer Samarth plans to intern with Novartis as an MBA procurement manager. The energy Samarth felt at Penn State and the close-knit MBA program that was promised is what brought him back to Smeal for his MBA. When Samarth is not busy, he loves watching Football (soccer) and American Football. He was also ranked in the world in Call of Duty and loves playing video games. Samarth loves to travel and has visited 26 different countries.

Portrait of Robert "Auckie" Fenstermacher. Auckie Fenstermacher, VP of Recruitment

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Auckie Fenstermacher is the Vice President of Recruitment for the Class of 2023’s MBA Association. Auckie’s focus and primary responsibility is to continue the excellence of the Smeal College of Business through the recruitment of candidates that value collaboration and integrity.

Auckie grew up in rural Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State with a degree in Healthcare Administration. After college, Auckie moved to the Midwest to join one of the largest healthcare systems in the country. In this role, Auckie’s main responsibilities were cost reduction and process optimization. While working in this role, Auckie decided to pursue an MBA so that he could become a strategic decision maker and problem-solver.  

Auckie’s love for Penn State, as well as, his familiarity with the MBA is what brought him back to Smeal. When Auckie is not working, you can find him spending time spending time with friends, being active, or traveling. Auckie’s biggest goal as Vice President of Recruitment is to build Smeal’s MBA program and find top talent for future classes.

Portrait of Gregory Brueckner. Gregory J. Brueckner, VP of Corporate Affairs

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Gregory J. Brueckner (Greg) is the Vice President of Corporate & Alumni Relations for the Class of 2023’s MBA Association. In this role, Greg’s primary responsibility is to actively seek out career development opportunities for MBA students at the Smeal College of Business by building meaningful connections with alumni and corporations. In this role, Greg is responsible for planning and executing various programs such as mock career fairs, Simulated Interview Programs, corporate-sponsored tailgates, speaker sessions, and other networking events to facilitate alumni and corporate engagement.

Greg is from Madison, New Jersey. He holds a Bachelor’s in Science for Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of South Carolina (2013). Prior to starting his MBA at the Smeal College of Business, he worked as a civil engineer for seven years. His work involved the design, approval and construction of an array of land developments ranging from single-family homes to two million square foot distribution centers. As part of his responsibility, he negotiated with town and state government officials and agencies to gain approval for developments. In April of 2019 he became a Certified Professional Engineer in the State of New Jersey.

The tight-knit Smeal community, world-class faculty, and the vast Penn State Alumni network are just a few reasons why Greg chose Smeal for his MBA. Greg’s field of concentration is Consulting and Finance. Outside class, Greg enjoys spending time at the beach, golfing, fishing and is an avid BBQer.

Portrait of Cody Williams. Cody Williams, VP of Finance

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Cody Williams is the Vice President of Finance for the Class of 2023’s MBA Association. In this role, he manages funding for the MBA Association, which includes developing an annual budget, overseeing the collection of the MBAA dues, and liaising with other MBAA Board Members to efficiently distribute funds for activities.

Cody was born and raised in Kent, Ohio and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in finance from Kent State University. Prior to joining the Smeal MBA program, Cody worked as a Risk Management and Compliance consultant for four years, specializing in areas of Cybersecurity and Anti-Money Laundering compliance. In these roles he led cross-functional engagements, designed tools for process improvement, and developed procedures to align with Lean Six-Sigma methodology. Next summer, Cody is going to join the Chase Associate Program at JP Morgan Chase in Columbus, OH.

Cody chose the Smeal College of Business because of its highly ranked finance department, extensive alumni network, and strong sense of community. He is concentrating in Finance and Consulting. In his free time, Cody enjoys maintaining a routine exercise, reading a new book, and talking all things personal finance.

Portrait of Aaron Nayyar. Aaron Nayyar, VP of Operations

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Aaron Nayyar is the Vice President of Operations for the Class of 2022’s MBA Association. In this role he is responsible for coordinating professional and social programming and collaborating with his fellow MBAA board members and volunteers to organize events and strengthen the Smeal brand and community.

Aaron was born in New Jersey but raised in North Carolina. He graduated with a degree in Supply Chain from North Carolina State University. Prior to joining the Smeal MBA program, Robert was Senior Analyst in Inventory Management at Reebok in Boston, MA. In these roles he led initiatives on increasing on time arrival, stock category utilization and excess stock sell offs. Next summer, Aaron is going to be a Senior Consultant at Deloitte in New York City.

Aaron chose the Smeal College of Business because of its highly ranked Supply Chain department, extensive alumni network and strong sense of community. He is concentrating in Marketing and Supply Chain. In his free time, Aaron enjoys exercising, watching sports, and spending time with family and friends.

Portrait of Leah Channas.

Leah Channas, VP of Philanthropy

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Leah Channas is the VP of Philanthropy for the Class of 2023’s MBA Association. Her role is to organize community events and fundraisers for the MBAA association and the MBA cohort in its entirety, which includes Penn State’s THON. As an undergraduate student at Elon University, Leah was heavily involved in philanthropy events through her sorority and the Elon University Dance Team. She is eager to continue building community involvement within the Penn State Smeal MBA. 

Leah has been working in digital marketing strategy for the past five years and recently moved from Los Angeles to obtain her MBA from Penn State Smeal. Her career has led her to positions within several Fortune 500 companies, including The Knot Wedding Magazine, National Geographic Channel, and Meredith Corporation (now Dotdash Meredith). Post-MBA, Leah will leverage her expertise in digital marketing in order to transition into a strategic brand management role.  

In her spare time, Leah is either getting lost in a good book or dancing around her kitchen while her stubborn English Bulldog, Mabel, watches. She is also the President of the Marketing Association.